The ultimate guide to American flag decor

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American flag decor allows us to show our pride in this country all year long. You can find products for every room, season, and reason with this gift guide for red white and blue decor.

Why is the American flag important?

By Teresa Trumbly Lamsam, Ph.D., Editor

The Stars and Stripes unites us in a shared identity through a collective memory that spans more than 200 years of heroism and sacrifice, which has forged a uniquely American spirit. That spirit lives on in us as we continue to build our families, communities, and nation.

The American flag connects us to a larger meaning and purpose. 

Since June 14, 1977, when the Continental Congress established our first official flag, the Stars and Stripes has endured and inspired. Think of the battles it has flown in and the songs it has inspired.

From triumphant independence through perilous times, those broad stripes and bright stars have brought us through again and again. We are united under 13 stripes and 50 stars.

“The American flag remains a living piece of history and a source of pride and unity for all Americans,” writes Michael Cusick, a New York State legislator. “The Stars and Stripes embodies the very qualities that make our nation great: liberty, justice, freedom, love of country and national purpose.”

Your guide to American flag decor

Welcome to the American flag decor extravaganza! I’ve spent hours poring over patriotic home decor and reading reviews, along with a few of my personal choices, to bring you this comprehensive shopping guide for red white and blue decor.

As the name Americana Steeples would suggest, we can be quite patriotic at times. 

These patriotic decorations give you the opportunity to add an accent piece here and there or go full on American decor for special occasions or all the time. I like to use American flag decor for seasonal flair, such as the Fourth of July or all summer long!

I also asked a few friends for their favorite American flag decor.

For her her pick of patriotic home decorations, Julie at Front Door Ideas says: “We love this rustic, festive God Bless America wooden sign. No better way to celebrate our country.”

Raised in the Old Line State, Jessie of the Follow Their Sunshine travel website was always obsessed with learning everything about The Star Spangled Banner, written in Baltimore, Maryland. She would love to have this Americana decor in her house! Follow Their Sunshine helps families build strong family relationships through travel and family bonding.

My Americana decor pick comes from one of my favorite American stores – Plow & Hearth, which was established in 1980 as a small retail store in Madison, Virginia. To me, it really maintains the feel of a friendly neighborhood store. I’ve chosen this Americana style hooked accent rug for indoors or out.

Indoor/Outdoor Hooked Americana Accent Rug

American flag decor for your table

If you haven’t met her, let me introduce you to Nora Fleming! Nora started with what she calls an aha moment in 2004 at her pottery shop outside Chicago, Illinois. She created a neutral platter and then colorful, interchangeable mini pottery pieces to give your tabletop a bit of personality.

Her idea took off like a rocket and soon morphed into a family business when her brother, Jon, joined the team. 

“Family remains the core of our business: Each member of the Nora Fleming team is connected through life’s circle of family and friends,” according to the company website.

Without further ado, here are some pieces you can use for patriotic decor. I’ll let you explore on your own the many other possibilities.

Let’s start with the decorative piece, the Americana flag mini. You’ll want to buy more than one because Nora has so many serving pieces and dishes to which you can add the mini. Her stoneware includes pieces like the egg platter and octagonal platter.

When dining on our patio, I like to have accent pillows. Nora Fleming has you covered there too with another of her really cool ideas – a throw pillow with interchangeable seasonal panels. Here’s the plain throw pillow and then you add panels like the Lucky Star in red. You can also buy the pillow and panels in a set.

This patriotic table runner in rustic burlap could be used alone or paired with a traditional tablecloth like this red and white gingham checkered table cover. Don’t forget the burlap USA banner! When you first get the burlap table runner, give it several rigorous shakes because the jute fiber will shed.

With American flag decor for the table, I’d add, for myself, a buffalo checked apron in patriotic blue. I’m rarely found without an apron when it’s time for cooking or cleaning up. I learned that from my grandmother, and I’m guessing so did you! I have a whole collection of aprons.


Napkins rings are another inexpensive way to add a touch of patriotic decor to any tabletop motif. Depending on how much Americana decor you have going on with your table, you can choose napkin rings that run from rustic to blingy. 

These galvanized metal napkin rings in a set of 12 can fit styles from rustic to farmhouse to cottage.  Sometimes napkin rings are worth a splurge because they can be handed down through the generations. In that case, you might want to consider pewter.

Simple patriotic decor can make a powerful statement!

Outdoor patriotic decor

Let’s go big! For Christmas and Halloween we always see those huge lighted yard inflatables. But what about the other holidays, like Independence Day or Flag day?

How about a glowing piece of Americana? This lighted, 6-foot-tall Uncle Sam is holding a God Bless America banner or riding on a patriotic rocket. Here Uncle Sam is holding the American flag and joined by a bald eagle.

For the winter holidays, this lighted snowman is cute as an Americana button. He’s made in a weather safe resin and requires three AA batteries, which are not included. At 18 inches tall, he’s perfect for your front door or front steps.


Indoor/Outdoor Lighted Shorty Snowman Holiday Statue

If subtlety is more your style, go for this simple American flag windsock with embroidered stars or a pair of windsocks that glow with LED lights.

Garden flags are a great choice for seasonal themes like patriotic decorations. The Dyrenson Home vintage Americana star Welcome flag could be used all summer long. The fabric is machine washable polyester burlap and is treated for UV fade resistance.

AVOIN colorlife makes all sorts of seasonal garden and house flags as well as the flag holders. My four favorites are on the cute and whimsical side:

An American flag floral wreath is a classic favorite. Here’s a bright silk rose American flag wreath. Remember, American flag decor can be used on holidays other than the Fourth of July. We have Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day, and even Election Day.

Burlap wreaths are so popular and of course you can find a patriotic themed wreath in this fabric. Often, though, these wreaths need to have an overhang or be somewhat protected from the elements.

At Americana Steeples, we understand the importance of family. We have a collection of stories to warm your heart and tickle your taste buds.

American flag decor: Wall art

With wall art, I always have a few American decor pieces that can be swapped out. It really depends on how much Americana and patriotic decor you like to display.

You won’t have difficulty finding wall art with this theme because thanks to rustic style, American flag decor has become popular. 

I’ve often wondered why rustic style is so popular. Most style experts tell us that rustic decor adds warmth to an interior. Rustic tends to be unpretentious and therefore welcoming. Rustic is also a versatile style. You’ll see it used in Farmhouse, Cottage, Coastal and even Contemporary designed houses.

Let’s start with one of my favorite materials – wrought iron. We don’t often think of hanging wrought iron on our walls, but this rustic American flag wall art is made from strong but lightweight iron. It can be hung outside or inside. You can find something similar in a giclee print of a vintage American flag in a couple of sizes.

I grew up in a community that was proud of our veterans, young and old. Count me in the category that has much respect for those who serve in the U.S. Armed Services. This canvas print comes in three sizes and features a silhouette of a grouping of soldiers against the backdrop of the American flag.

American flag decor for the kitchen

Give your kitchen something to crow about with an American-themed kitchen rooster. Roosters have symbolized many things over centuries and across cultures. Generally, it is believed that roosters bring luck. I always thought of a rooster as an alarm clock whose crowing always came a little early for me!

As I said, I love aprons. Everyone in my family has at least one apron. If nothing else, it keeps you from having to treat your clothes for stains! I can imagine wearing this patriotic apron in the summers when I’m getting up early to start the baked beans and potato salad. I’d also be drinking hot tea in this Fiesta mug, made in the USA.

If you prefer a rustic or vintage look, here’s the flag apron for you.

Kitchen towels, also called tea towels and dish towels, are one of the easiest (and least expensive) ways to add American flag decor to your kitchen. In my house, we called them tea towels with my aunt always referring to them as a “deesh rag.”

Good Housekeeping tells us that a tea towel is made of cotton or linen. If it is a terry cloth, then we should call it a dish towel. Otherwise, the names are interchangeable. Here are my tea (dish) towels finds:

  • Stars and stripes jacquard kitchen towels, set of two and made in the USA. Did you know in jacquard fabric the pattern is woven into the fabric, not printed or dyed on to it? Learn more about jacquard in this article by Sailrite.
  • This set of three tea towels have a statement to make: Stars and Stripes Forever and God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home.
  • The premium Urban Villa tea towels are 100% cotton and come in a checked design of red, white, and blue.

You know those spoon rests you have around your stove top? I have two. These are perfect pieces for making a seasonal swap, like this star from Lillian Vernon.

Patriotic Spoon Rest – BOGO

While we’re in the kitchen, here’s my plug for using anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats. Seriously, these make a big difference for my back, knees, and hip.  

I use three: one by the stove, sink, and the island, where I tend to stand to chop things. But they aren’t all great. Pay attention to the reviews. I used to hesitate because really good anti-fatigue floor mats can be expensive. However, now there are plenty affordable versions on the market, like this super popular comfort mat that comes in five colors.

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Patriotic decorations for the bathroom

A shower curtain is an easy place to change out the look of a bathroom with red white and blue decor. This American flag shower curtain in a rustic style has a matching bath mat. If this one is not rustic enough, go with a flag curtain from Ambesonne for a worn, wooden look. These rustic star shower curtain hooks are a perfect match.

Don’t forget to pick up a heavy duty shower curtain liner, like this antimicrobial mildew resistant  liner by Liba.

You can accent your American flag bathroom decor with a sturdy, metal wastebasket in red or if you need a narrower container for waste, here is a shatter resistant, slim trash can in navy blue.

When it comes to bath mats, I want mine absorbent and slip-resistant. I found that in this set of Chenille bath rugs in navy and an assortment of other colors. 

When it comes to bath towels, we can probably all admit to being a little picky. You will pay more for the luxury of spa towels in turkish cotton, like this 6-piece set that comes in red and navy, but we know the cost is worth it.

Add ambiance with these flameless, flickering wax candles with remote control and a 2 to 8 hour timer. Accessorize with a red bathroom set that includes a soap dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and tumbler. If you liked the slim blue wastebasket above, then here’s a blue ceramic bath set.

Cozy American flag decor and style

Chanasya is a family owned company based in Austin, Texas, that has some of the best reviewed blankets on the market. Their motto is “Enjoy life with comfort.” Along with the coziest everyday blankets, they feature speciality blankets like this American Flag sherpa throw blanket.


They have a few other blankets that would fit well with any decor, including Americana. For example, this Inspiring Message throw blanket makes a great gift for a loved one or yourself! For a neutral palette, they have this simple but elegant Chenille knit throw blanket with a velvety texture and slight shimmer.

We always carry a throw blanket or two in our cars. This cozy two pack red and blue fleece throw blankets featuring stars make great car blankets or throws for children.

One of the easiest ways to add just a touch of American flag decor is to use decorative pillows as part of your everyday or seasonal interior design. This vintage American flag pillow cover looks like burlap, but it’s made from cotton and linen. The Trendin 18×18 vintage flag throw pillow covers come in a few varieties, including Home Sweet Home, Land of the Free, and Faith Family Freedom.


While we’re talking cozy, let’s not forget the much loved t-shirt, like this soft men’s t-shirt with a subtle flag graphic of the Vineyard Vines Americana whale pocket t-shirt.

Working from home comes with its perks. Lounge pants are my go-to office style. These comfy lounge pants with wide legs come in a rustic American flag look. If you want to go full-on patriotic, pair the lounge pants with a pair of stars and stripes socks!

Cozy isn’t just for winter time! Spa towels turn poolside and beach play into hygge time. These fun, oversized beach towels in red, white, and blue are big enough to cover a lounge chair or easily wrap around you. Plus, cue the Jaws theme music, they come with a fun, shall we say, nautical motif. You’ll have to see for yourself!

A bandana neck gaiter is typically worn to protect from sun, wind, and dust, but nowadays, more and more people are wearing protective face coverings. I look for cooling and breathable material like these American flag gaiters.

American flag decor for the home office

I spend a good portion of the day in my home office writing articles and engaging with you on social media. At least I hope we’ve met online! If not, find me on Facebook and Instagram and drop a comment to say hello!

If you haven’t guessed it, I’m a real fan of Americana. That’s why I picked out this Vintage pen and pencil holder for you, but if you’d like something a little smaller, here’s a Round vintage pen and pencil holder in the same pattern.



Of the things you can find on my desk, there’s always a box of tissue, which would look great in this wooden American flag tissue box, and you can throw those tissues away in a waterproof mini leather wastebasket.

My dad was one who always kept a paperweight on his desk. He must have handed down that tradition to me because I like using one whether I need it or not! 

It may not be Americana, but Waterford has been one of my favorite glass makers since I was a child. My cousin Holly collected it. I spent many an hour looking at her crystal pieces while she recounted the Waterford history to me.

It all began in 1783, when George and William Penrose established a glass factory in Waterford City, England. That’s the same year that the United States and Great Britain signed the Treaty of Paris, formally ending the American Revolutionary War and officially recognizing the United State’s independence from Great Britain.

You can celebrate that independence with the American flag paperweight by Waterford. If you’d like a little reminder of the great country we live in, try a Home of the Free patriotic box sign.


If you enjoy this gift guide, you might also like my guide to the Best Gifts for Architects. At Americana Steeples, we certainly celebrate the contributions of architects to the great churches of the world. 

Before you skedaddle, be sure and leave a comment below about what you love about your country or maybe how you use patriotic home decor.

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