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Historic Ohio church

The oldest Episcopal church west of the Alleghenies was founded by a band of Connecticut settlers. As soon as they arrived in Ohio, they unpacked and held a church service. That’s how important church was to these early day pioneers.

St John's Episcopal Church

The Norman churches of England

Some 7,000 stone churches were built across the vanquished land

Why are family traditions important


Have you ever wondered why family traditions are important?

In a new series on the importance of traditions, a writer takes us around the world to reveal how traditions bond us together and support our values. 

Methodism on the frontier

Dive into the history of the Circle City’s Methodist churches, often claimed as the first Christian denomination in Indianapolis.



baby shower traditions

Weaving values across generations

As we explore baby shower traditions, we discover celebrations for motherhood that are steeped in community rituals that bind us together

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