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The Wends of Texas

A Texas author and historian recounts two journeys – the one that changed his life and the historical journey that changed the lives of hundreds of Wendish Lutheran immigrants who survived persecution, rough seas, and diseases to settle Lee County, Texas.

Window in balcony of church

How old adages unlock the power of cultural widsom

These little bits of wisdom help us define problems, nudge us toward solutions, and guide us in judging social situations.

counselor finds link between wholistic health and community

How can we build strong communities?

What makes up a good community? Great communities start with God’s redeeming love. A church counselor outlines a path to building strong communities and strengthening our well-being.


Chocolate spice cake
Chocolate spice cake

Old-fashioned recipes, like this 1880s cake, remind us to cherish sweet memories.

Tree with no leaves and sunset in background of lake
Discovering a passion

Tucked away in a childhood memory, a mom finds a spark of photography inspiration.

The little church
that could

This Fort Meade church has withstood the highs and lows of attendance, a closure and re-opening, and the threat of physically being moved to a different location.

Influencer looking at social media reactions

Defeat negativity
on social media

Negativity on social media isn’t something we need to accept. We can do something about it when we take purposeful, consistent steps to change it. In this article, you will learn how we can change the negativity on social media by connecting generations through positive online fellowship.

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