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Baroque period music

An arts educator shares the history of beautiful baroque period music and the brilliant composers who brought us this rich style.

Baroque music expanded the size, range, and complexity of instrumental performance, and it also established the mixed vocal/instrumental forms of opera, cantata, and oratorio.

baroque period music

Marian shrines of northern Portugal

A tour of 9 remarkable Marian Shrines to engage your wonder


anise, spices, seeds

Cultural food traditions you don't want to miss

Food, much like clothing or art, is as individualistic as a fingerprint. Cultural food traditions around the world are both fascinating and enlightening.

Methodism on the frontier

Dive into the history of the Circle City’s Methodist churches, often claimed as the first Christian denomination in Indianapolis.



baby shower traditions

Weaving values across generations

As we explore baby shower traditions, we discover celebrations for motherhood that are steeped in community rituals that bind us together