Sharing Family Stories

Over the past few decades, researchers have consistently found that sharing family stories improves the overall wellbeing of our families. For example, mental health professionals have found that more knowledge of family history increases children’s likelihood of overcoming psychological and educational challenges.

But sharing family stories isn’t happening as much anymore in our society. The rate at which we pass on those stories is at an all-time low. In the article “Everyone wins: What we gain from sharing family stories,” I translate the research into actionable intel that you can use to boost the story telling practice within your family.

In this downloadable guide, below, I have boiled down some of the main benefits and offered ideas on how to practice sharing family stories.

Family Stories Guide

When storytelling is a way of life, everyone wins! Knowledge can be powerful. When you know the benefits, you can hone in on what your family needs the most.

This guide offers a quick tour through the benefits and offers ideas on how to be more purposeful with your family stories.

Sharing family stories

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