Who We Are

Join us on a journey from steeple to steeple as we bring you stories that connect you to community, engage your mind, and inspire your spirit.

Together, we will visit churches and travel the U.S. and beyond to learn about people, history, architecture, art, and so much more.

At Americana Steeples, we produce and curate content that sparks your curiosity and nourishes your heart, mind, and spirit.


Exterior gothic church


Deriving from Latin, integrity is an inner sense of wholeness, marked by honesty and consistency. In practice, this means there is a consistency in our moral and ethical “wholeness” – words and deeds – whether someone meets us online, in a store, or in church.


We are committed to being our best and to a pursuit of life-long learning and growth. We believe in the power of words and will strive to use ours with care and purpose.


We are building a community for the purpose of sharing mutual interests, companionship, and personal growth. Our guiding principle for fellowship can be found in Philippians 2:1-4 as we imitate the humility of Christ.


The value of respect applies to all those around us – not just in our circles of fellowship. Jesus taught that “Love your neighbor as yourself” is one of the greatest commandments.

The Visionary

Teresa Trumbly Lamsam, Ph.D., Founder

Teresa Lamsam, Ph.D., a professor emeritus, started Americana Steeples as a retirement project to keep her connected to the intellectually curious across the world. Her vision started with a subject inspired by her Christian faith – the history and architecture of church buildings. Along the journey, her vision expanded into the creation of a lifestyle magazine dedicated to those who pursue spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth.

Teresa Lamsam of Americana Steeples

So many ways to join our fellowship

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